Sunday, 1 May 2016

Madama Butterfly in the garden. Madama Butterfly in giardino

In this time of the year we really feel the need to rest and recharge in our garden, time is never enough and Spring is the most beautiful season, but it is also very demanding in terms of time and work to be done...This small group of lanterns celebrates flowering and butterflyes. 

A questo punto dell'anno sentiamo proprio il bisogno di rigenerarci nel nostro giardino, il tempo è sempre poco e la Primavera è la stagione più bella, ma anche la più impegnativa fra erba da tagliare, rinvasi da fare e piccoli problemi causati dall'inverno da risolvere. Questo piccolo gruppo di lanterne celebra la fioritura e le farfalle.

The mirrored patterns cut and ready to be folded.
I pattern a specchio pronti per essere piegati.

Ready Steady GO!
Pronti a posto VIA!

Patterns and first folds.
Patterns e pieghe di partenza.

Half lantern with butterflyes on top ready to fly away with it!
Mezza lanterna con farfalle sulla cima pronte a rubarla e volare via!


  1. wow!!! This design is beautiful

    1. Thank you Consuelo. Thank you very much!!!!

  2. Bonjour, J'ai acheté ces fichiers sur votre boutique Etsy, mais je n'arrive pas à bien comprendre le montage et combien de fois je dois découper les pièces ?
    Merci pour votre prochaine réponse. (il manque peut-être un petit tuto pdf ou sur votre blog plus détaillé). Merci

    1. Dear Nathalie ,actually you received instructions with the files and we hoped that the pictures in the blog in the two posts dedicate to this lanterns could clarify the process.
      In any case we suggest to start with the White ball lanterns .You will need 6 patterns. Once you have one of them build it up to form a sector as an orange or grapefruit part. Then build a secon sector and put it close to it and then a third and you have half lantern..Take your time to figure out how to place the inserts.
      It is easier than it looks reading this lines. The butterflies work the same way, but for two of them you have left and right patterns and you have to cut 3 left and 3right ones and then you must place them alternate.
      I am sorry that we do not speak French, but I am sure you can manage it . Just do it a step at the time.
      Have a nice day

  3. me gustaria adquirir ese archivo para studio, informacion, saludos de Peru.

    1. Gracias Eliana,todos nuestros archivos estan en studio. El link a la tienda en Etsy esta' en la parte superior derecha del blog.


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